Therma KOta evokes warmth and protection. It is a Nordic fashion house founded on the belief that coats are the backbone to every woman’s wardrobe.

As outerwear experts, we are obsessive about details both small and subtle, daring and bold. We defy coat conventions with functional, luxurious coats that look and feel sensational. We are committed to ethical production in Canada and sustainable materials and practices. 

Therma Kōta is a Lundström family company inspired by our Nordic roots.


Changing Times

With unpredictable weather patterns and hemisphere-hopping travel schedules, a practical coat is needed year-round. We've got you covered with weather-perfect coats and jackets that bridge the gap between high fashion and high performance outerwear.

We create transformative outerwear that is responsive to the seasons, unique and versatile in design. We release new styles exclusively at throughout the year.


Embrace the WARMTH. Embrace the COLD.