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At Therma Kōta, we are Canadian to the core with Nordic roots. The use of real natural fur is both a practical choice for its warmth and a design choice for its beauty. It is also a wiser environmental choice; petroleum based fur and leather lookalikes leave a much bigger negative impact on the environment. 

We understand that you may have strong views on the subject of using fur and animal products. That’s okay. We respect people who live their lives expressing their personal beliefs. 

We believe that using real Canadian fur from reputable suppliers is both responsible and good design. If you choose to abstain from wearing any fur, leather or byproducts of animals, that is your choice. We would never try to project our beliefs onto others. In turn, we hope that people will respect our responsible use and ethical sourcing of fur.

Trappers - Caretakers of the Land

The trapping and ranching of fur bearing animals is at the heart of Canada’s history and culture. First Nations people have long ventured out onto the land to work their trap lines. Trappers are often the first to witness environmental concerns caused by abuses such as clear-cutting of forests or illegal hunting or fishing. 

Trapping methods are highly regulated in Canada, requiring humane traps and adherence to strict quotas limiting the number of animals that can be taken from a trap line. All trappers must purchase and own the rights to trap in a defined area. Some trapline permits have been in a family for generations. It is in the best interest of the owner not to over trap, or they will jeopardize the health of their trapline in the future. 

Ranched Canadian fur products are also an industry which is highly regulated. Humane methods must be practiced to ensure the best quality of fur. There is no benefit to abusing the animals. 

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