The magic behind our reflective raincoat.


The reflective character of the Northern Lightswear™ fabric is achieved by infusing the outer coating with microscopic particles of glass which reflect the full spectrum of colours when they catch the light. Capturing these tiny prisms within the water repellent finish creates a mesmerizing colour-shifting phenomenon. Take a photo with flash to witness the full effect.

While the Northern Lights might allude you on your next trip to Iceland, you can guarantee Northern Lightswear will glow on-demand.

Looking for a reflective raincoat with hood? Or a women’s reversible rain jacket?

  • The Aurora is a belted long reflective raincoat

  • The Vindur is a shorter reflective raincoat with hood

  • The Maja is a sporty and glamorous reflective rain cape

Can’t quite believe your eyes? Let us explain the secret behind this best-selling reflective raincoat for women. Our holographic, iridescent long reflective raincoat is made from Northern Lightswear™, a mesmerizing, colour-shifting, reflective and 100% water-repellent material. Indoors and in low light, this prismatic fabric is a violet grey with subtle hints of rainbow, like a gas puddle after a rainfall.

In the sunlight, more vivid colours emerge, channeling the phenomena of the Aurora Borealis.