With her two daughters, acclaimed fashion designer Linda Lundström unveils a new outerwear concept. Channeling her Nordic roots, Therma Kōta evokes warmth and the Old Norse word for "shelter". This digitally-native luxury label is proudly Made in Canada.

"In these coats, you will be warm and transformed," says Lundström, of the technical and fashion-forward design features such as silver interlining to radiate heat and reversible, adjustable options for added flair. 

Beginning online today with the first style, The Sigrún (named after Icelandic top model Sigrún Jonsdottir and photographed by famed Icelandic photographer Silja Magg), Therma Kōta will roll out a series of game-changing, glamorous, transformational coats that completely reinvent the wheel and look great, no matter the weather. Exclusively available at

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About The Lundströms

Design Director Linda Lundström is a Canadian fashion icon who has long been creating coats (most famously, Laparka) that are beloved far and wide. Her work is timeless, innovative and unbelievably unique.

Co-founder Mosha Lundström Halbert is a New York-based fashion director who is noted for her strong editorial eye and striking style. 

"I saw a gap in the market for elegant outerwear that is as functional as it is fashionable," says Mosha. "And at great prices without being manufactured offshore."

Co-founder and sister Sophie Lundström Halbert is a leading graphic designer and creative director with international brands. She embodies effortless style and is responsible for Therma Kōta image and branding. 

"We want to change the way you approach and shop for warm, fashionable coats. Thus, Therma Kōta was born. A digitally native Nordic fashion house that is Made in Canada," says Sophie.

Therma Kota